Tarot Messages for This Week

Happy Monday!

Here is a Tarot pull for your week ahead – I have pulled this for July 20-26 but please know that the Law of Divine Timing states that you will see this whenever you are meant to see it. Time does not apply. This pull uses the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Take three deep breaths.

Focus your attention inside – your heart, your belly.

Become still.

Open your eyes and ask Spirit what message is for you.

Whichever card resonates with you in some way, that’s your message. You might feel a pull, hear a “yes”, feel a tingle, or you might find your gaze keeps coming back to one card in particular. Honor that feeling, tingle, pull. Know that it is your intuition and Spirit telling you what’s best for you in this moment.

Reveals are below:

Card 1: The Five of Cups, Reversed

The suit of Cups is about emotion – spirituality, love, deep heart bonds, things that move us, people who move us. This is the element of water, that teaches us about depth and flow – the flow of our emotions, or perceptions, attention, and awareness.

The number 5 is about change.

In this card we see a man in a black cape standing amongst some bright gold cups. Three of the cups are in front of him, and they have been knocked over – their contents spilled on the ground. Behind the caped man are two other cups – and they are upright, their contents still inside. But this man doesn’t seem to notice the two cups behind him – he is apparently focused on the three toppled ones in front of him. And his body language, his clothing suggest that he is mourning these toppled cups, their contents apparently lost to him. Another important part of this card is the landscape – he stands on the bank of a stream, opposite a house. There’s a bridge spanning the stream behind him. I feel this is a symbol of the two minds – the conscious and subconscious, and the bridge is the awareness Spirit can provide us when we are still and open.

This card brings a message of attention – paying attention. Many times in life we get focused on what we perceive we have lost – relationships, opportunities, material items, etc – and we do not pay any attention to the things we still have. We ignore abundance and prosperity that is around us simply because it doesn’t look the way we think it ought to, the way we wish it did. The truth is that there is always abundance from Spirit in some form – but we must be open to receiving it. It’s sometimes very difficult to do, but we are served better by noticing our losses and then moving past them instead of getting obsessed or focused on the loss itself. What losses or perception of lack are you stuck in? What abundance is around you that you haven’t even noticed? Maybe today is a good day to start a gratitude practice. For everything you perceive to be “wrong” or everything you think you’ve lost, write down three good things you are grateful for.

Card 2: The Nine of Pentacles, Upright

The suit of Pentacles is about the common, practical every-day types of concerns such as home, finances, health/wellness, property, putting food on the table, and social relationships/social obligations. This is Earth energy, what keeps us grounded and surviving every day.

The number 9 is about a culmination and/or imminent ending, things wrapping up and coming toward completion.

In this card we see a richly dressed young woman strolling in a fruitful vineyard. These are symbols of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. On her gown is a floral pattern that also looks like the symbol of Venus, or the Divine Feminine archetype. She has a hooded falcon on her arm, which symbolizes her intellect and spirituality. In the distance is a large home, also a symbol of her abundance and wealth.

This is a card of luxury, of plenty, of abundance. This is a card of health, vitality, relaxation. You are in a time of wealth and prosperity in many ways, enjoying a time where things are going very well for you. You’re reaping the fruits of your labors and enjoying the rewards of opportunities that paid off. Revel in it. Enjoy it – know deep in your being that you deserve this abundance and that Creator loves giving you wonderful things, seeing you thrive. Pat yourself on the back for the rewards of your hard work and express appreciation for God’s grace. Be mindful that everything changes, though, and seasons shift.

Card 3: The Five of Wands, Upright

The Suit of Wands is about action, new growth, enthusiasm, struggle, hardship, perseverance. It can also be about persuasion and change. This suit carries the energy of Fire, which is transformative in its best manifestation and destructive in its worst.

In this card we see a group of people all carrying their wands. The scene looks chaotic, as each person seems to be doing something different with his wand. We notice they are all dressed differently as well, which is a symbol for people having different backgrounds, points of view, priorities, belief systems, etc.

I feel this message is about the chaos and lack of progress that results when we do not truly listen to each other with open hearts. What messages is Spirit trying to convey to you that you are not listening to? What messages from others would be illuminating and helpful for you, if you would listen to them with an open heart? Perhaps listening with the intent to understand would bring you to a more peaceful energy in whatever chaotic situation you are facing.

I feel that sometimes we want others to understand us, we insist upon being heard and being right – and this is how conflicts keep going, and going, and going. And there is no learning in situations like that – no mutual benefit, no peace, no prosperity. Just chaos. This goes for our inner worlds, too – when we fight with our emotions, our desires, our heart – it only results in inner conflict and struggle. Where can we drop the fight, end the chaos by listening to ourselves and others? Listening with love in our hearts instead of righteous indignation or resistance?




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