Spiritual Ego - It's a Thing

This morning I checked in on my Facebook before starting my work day, sipping my coffee.

I saw this meme below in my feed, from a "friend" I recently added. And oh, I cannot tell you how badly this pissed me off, dear Reader.

No. Absolutely not.

Everything about this is wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Awakening is for ALL SOULS. God created all souls, all hearts - and so spiritual awakening is available to all who allow, who open, who decide. It's also an evolutionary process that is even happening to folks who have not, on a conscious level, chosen it. Everybody is being upgraded. Some of us are doing it consciously, because we have decided to pursue a spiritual path, and others are doing it on a more subconscious level. But it is still happening.

For anyone to say that only a chosen few are selected by God to awaken - I cannot emphasize deeply enough what kind of garbage this is. It is obnoxious, elitist, judgmental spiritual egotism at its finest.

Spiritual egotism is when you think you are better than someone else because of your spiritual beliefs and spiritual practices. We see this within religions all the time, but it's also pervasive in the so-called "New Age" spiritualist movement as well. We have witches turning on witches because they think some practices are inferior somehow, or we have yogis turning on other yogis because some yogis are vegan and others still eat meat; we have spiritual seekers judging the shit out of other spiritual seekers for a whole host of reasons..

Make no mistake - this is ALL spiritual egotism. And it's not spiritual. It shows us where we are not as "awakened" as we thought we were. It shows us where we still aren't loving ourselves or others completely. IT shows us where we are still in the judgmental mind, the comparison mind, the limited and restricted 3D human mind -not the God mind, the heart mind, the soul mind.

And I am not going to front here - I, as much as anyone else, am guilty of doing this. At different stages of my own journey so far, I've definitely been guilty of holding others' beliefs and practices as somehow inferior to my own.

But the deeper into love we go, the more we open ourselves to our own hearts and souls, to the love and power of God, the more these kinds of judgments and beliefs fall away. If we aren't opening, if we aren't going more deeply into ourselves, then we're staying in that spiritual egoist mind and that is not true spirituality.

Anytime we are sitting in judgment of another, it's not spiritual.

Anytime we are comparing ourselves to another, it's not spiritual.

Those instances show us where we are still learning, growing, needing love and healing.

It's part of the spiritual process, I suppose - learning all the ways we have separated ourselves from our hearts and the love of God.

But to say that awakening is for a select few - that's a level of egotism I haven't seen since my study of Puritanism in school. The idea that only a pre-chosen few are deemed acceptable to commune with God- this is so utterly abhorrent to me, so devoid of love - I am almost speechless (but apparently able to write about it, lol).

You are worthy of awakening.

I am worthy of awakening.

Every human on the planet, past, present, future is worthy of awakening.

Let's all try to be aware of where we are separating ourselves from God by believing in this bullshit, shall we?



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