Not Today

I meditated this morning, as I do almost every single morning. I talked with my guides, did some healing and energy hygiene.

After, I was sitting down to draw the Tarot cards for this week's Tarot pull.

And honestly, I just got really angry. Seemingly out of nowhere - I know the anger was inside me, waiting to be seen, but it seemed to erupt from nowhere, the vehemence and violence of it.

I went on a 10 minute rant, cursing myself and God with every bad word I could think of. I know my previous entry was about healing anger, but this anger was tied to a different issue. I'm currently in a course designed to help people love and accept themselves and to take better care of their bodies through that love, and we're all processing some of the very deep things inside us that keep us from loving ourselves and our bodies.

Anyway, I could not pull cards in that state - the reading just tanked before I even got started.

I felt bad - how can I offer this to people on a routine basis if I am a mess when it comes time to do it?

But you know what? The cards will still be there in a while, tomorrow, Wednesday, whenever. What's important is that I take care of myself, because if I don't do that, then I have nothing to offer anybody else.

It may be a tired, worn out old adage from over use, but it's still true: you cannot pour out from an empty cup.

Take care of yourself today and every day. What do you need right now?



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