Card Reading - July 27- August 1

Happy Tuesday!

Due to personal reasons, I was not able to get this posted on Monday, but this reading is for the week of July 27 - August 1, 2020. However, please know that Divine Timing applies, and whenever you see this is when you are meant to see it. Source doesn’t operate according to 3D notions of time.

If you’ve never done this before, please allow me to guide you:

Become still and quiet.

Take three deep, slow breaths.

Focus your attention inside – your heart, your belly.

Open your eyes and ask Spirit what message is for you.

Whichever card resonates with you in some way, that’s your message. You might feel a pull, hear a “yes”, feel a tingle, or you might find your gaze keeps coming back to one card in particular. Honor that feeling, tingle, pull. Know that it is your intuition and Spirit telling you what’s best for you in this moment.

Reveals are below:

Card 1 - Ten of Wands, upright

Here we see a gentleman with his arms full of wands, which he appears to be carrying across a field toward a house or town. His back is bent, he is clearly working hard and kind of struggling with his burden.

The number 10 in numerology and Tarot points to “transcendental completion,” or the closing of a cycle, phase, or period in your life. Taken all together, this card indicates that lessons have been learned, seeds have been sown, work has been done – you’re seeing the results of whatever it is that you’ve been working on, struggling with, or going through, and you’ve emerged wiser, more experienced, and both evolved and blessed in some way. It also means a new phase, cycle, or period is beginning – but you’re not starting this one from square one. You’re staring this new phase with the lessons and mastery that you have just come through. Don’t forget to use your wisdom, assets, skills, and lessons learned in this new phase you are beginning. Pat yourself on the back for the perseverance you’ve shown under what may have been a very difficult time for you!

Card 2 - The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune – this is a major arcana card; that means that this card has a big lesson for you in some way.

We see a giant wheel with three figures on the outer edges. The wheel carries the Hebrew characters for the name of God. Also present are the symbols for alchemy and the four elements – these are symbols of power and transmutation. There are four winged creatures symbolizing the four fixed signs of the zodiac. There’s the Egyptian god of the dead who welcomes souls to the underworld, the Sphinx who symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, and the snake who represents life force.

The Wheel of Fortune is also a number 10, with the “transcendental completion” theme. Meaning – a phase, project, or period of your life has ended. You’re now able to notice the lessons you’ve learned, the ways you’ve grown or changed, and the wisdom you’ve accumulated along with any results from your labor. The Wheel of Fortune is about transition, change, a turning point, even destiny. Anything can happen – don’t assume outcomes that have not yet appeared. The Wheel of Fortune also carries an energy of good luck, and asks for faith - faith that whatever it is you need for your highest good in your life is exactly what the Universe is delivering to you. If you don’t like what you’ve been getting, then ask yourself what you’ve been putting out there, because the Universe matches you in frequency. You get to choose what frequency you put out – if you choose to live in an energy of positive outlook, hard work, and positive virtues, then that is what the Universe will mirror back to you. You reap what you sow. Are there changes you need to make? The Universe is asking.

Card 3 - Page of Wands, Reversed –

This card has a young man all decked out in hat, cape, and staff. His tunic is decorated with salamanders, a symbol of fire - or transmutation. This page appears to be in an exotic location, judging by the sand dunes behind him, so the card carries an energy of wanderlust, travel, adventure. The young man appears to be pondering his wand, especially the tiny green leaves at the top – these leaves symbolize new growth, new ideas, new projects, change.

I feel like this card, pulled in the reverse, is carrying a message of desire – the desire for change, or having a great idea about something, but there’s no direction yet for bringing this idea or chance into your physical reality. There may be something that you need to study or learn, or someone you need to connect with in order to bring this change/idea/project into fruition. Who do you know? What resources are available to you? Are you allowing non-action to become a setback? Are you engaging in negative self talk or pessimism, telling yourself you can’t do it or that it’s not really a great idea? Or that you don’t deserve this change? Well, stop that right now. You can. If you can conceive of it, you can make it happen. There is help if help is asked for. There are resources if resources are asked for. Don’t take no for an answer, not even from yourself. Remember that old saying? “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

So which is it?

Please let me know how this worked for you, did your message resonate?

Blessings -



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