And now I have a blog.

Welp, here I go. I tried a blog once, a few years ago. Turns out I wasn’t really ready to write a blog as much as I was ready to work though some major healing of past trauma. So I did that, and when it was done, I stopped.

What’s different now? Oh, too many things. SO many things. I’ve changed so much and launched my own business, which is something I never thought I would do.

Hello. It’s nice to “meet” you over the internet. My name is Rachel, and I am – among other things – an energy worker, intuitive reader, and energy healer. What does that mean exactly? Well, I have psychic and mediumship abilities as well as an ability to sense, read, and treat energy imbalances in the body. And that’s not something I ever thought I would say about myself either.

I grew up sensitive, but I thought it was just emotional sensitivity from childhood trauma and perhaps some emotional intelligence born of a natural inclination toward empathy.

What I found out decades later, during a trip to New Orleans for my 40th birthday, is that I do have intuitive abilities (and so does everybody else – even you, dear reader. Yes, you.).

I’m putting an awful lot into a very short space. I’ll have to do another post about how my abilities opened up, it’s too much for right here, right now.

Suffice it to say, I’m starting this blog because I’ve wanted to write one and never really felt a deep, clear pull to do it before now. Lately, the pull has been particularly strong, and Spirit has been leaving me messages encouraging me to do it as well.

So why the hell not?

When I sat down with this urge to start a blog, immediately I started thinking and asking Spirit – well what the hell do I write about? What would the internet be interested in reading?

Nope, wrong question.

It’s not about writing to pander or cater to the internet. It’s about using my own authentic, original, sincere voice to express myself – and if folks resonate with what I’m putting out there, if it helps one person or a thousand, then it’s worth it.

But to be honest, it still leaves a lot of questions around content.

So what is this blog going to be? I’ve had some folks in my intuitive groups express interest in reading accounts of my actual spiritual experiences in meditation and such, so I will write about those. I will write about my own spiritual journey – about what that entails for me physically, mentally, emotionally, experientially. I will write about topics that interest me – and honestly, dear reader, that could be anything from music to ghost stories to food to metaphysics, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There’s no reason to limit what I put in here. It will essentially be like an online journal of an energy worker. I find as I get further down this road that I don’t like a lot of limits and provisos and rules on what I can and can’t do. The irony in that statement is that I also see where I am still stuck in limiting patterns, where I’m not (yet) branching out boldly because I’m afraid, or running the unworthiness story in the background, or I’m waiting for someone to give me some kind of magic permission to do it.

So many of us never do or express the things inside us because we think we need permission.

The truth is, I am worthy, I am enough, it doesn’t actually matter what people think of what I do or who I am, sometimes the fear doesn’t go away and I’ll have to do it afraid, and nobody is going to give me permission unless I give it to myself.

So I give myself permission.

And here we go.



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